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July 1st was Cookes for Cop click Here to see Pictures of the Teams Delivering the Goodies to our Local Law Enforcement....



In case you missed President Trump's best speech ever, delivered at Mr. Rushmore, click the You Tube Video or click the link below for the text version. We must not be silenced or we will lose in November.

link for the full text whitehouse.gov

A Tribute to First Lady Melania Trump 

This is something the "Fake News" TV channels do not want you to see!!






Governor Gavin Newsom Has Failed Californians!


Are you tired of being locked up, unable to make a living, at the same time as California’s prisons are being emptied?

Did you struggle to run a business, even before this lockdown, because of overregulation and the highest taxes in America? Did you lose your job when Gavin Newsom signed AB 5, which made it illegal for many companies to employ independent contractors?  

Are you troubled by the growing encroachments on the 1st Amendment; our right to speak our minds, to freely assemble, to congregate whether it’s at church or on the beach? Are you troubled by encroachments on your 2nd Amendment rights, threatening your ability to purchase a firearm to protect yourself, especially now?  


Then this is your opportunity to recall Govenor Newsom!!!!  


Download the Petition and visit the recall Gavin Newsom Website Today:  


Click Here for How CFRW Women can NOW Help!


Check out Legislative Updates for full details on current and past legislation coming out of the Legislature and Ballot initiatives on the Nov 3, 2020  Ballot.


Special August 25th Meeting

Sonoma Conty Republican GOP Chair to Speak at August Lucheon Meeting.

Sonoma County Republican Chair Edelweiss Geary will Give an Update on the Republican Party.

Attendance limited to 40 people.  To confirm your reservation a check for $20.00 must be recieved prior to the meeting.  Click General Meeting Details for instructions to RSVP.






 1776 - The Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress.

1787 - Congress enacted the Northwest Ordinance establishing formal procedures for transforming territories into states. It provided for the eventual establishment of three to five states in the area north of the Ohio River, to be considered equal with the original 13. The Ordinance included a Bill of Rights that guaranteed freedom of religion, the right to trial by jury, public education and a ban on slavery in the Northwest.

1788 - Congress announced the United States Constitution had been ratified by the required nine states and that a committee had been appointed to make preparations for the new American government 

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