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Proposition 13 Split Roll Tax-Increase - Democrats attempt to reasses property taxes on Business owners.  Businesses with more than $3 million in holdings in CA would have their properties immediately reassessed to current market value, and then reassessed again every three years.   Review the Democrats false Arguments For Split Roll Property Taxes to trick the voters to approve the tax increase


California Local Rent Control Initiative - A "yes" vote supports this ballot initiative to allow local governments to enact rent control on housing that was first occupied over 15 years ago.


Check out Legislative Updates for full details on current and past legislation coming out of the Legislature and Ballot initiatives on the Nov 3, 2020  Ballot.



Mike Garcia wins the 25th Congressional District

Melissa Melendez wins the 28th CA State Senate District.  

Pictures of May 2, 2020  Santa Rosa Rally to Re Open Sonoma County









 1787 - The Constitutional Convention began in Philadelphia with delegates from seven states                                forming a quorum.

1846 - At the request of President James L. Polk, Congress declared war on Mexico. The controversial struggle eventually cost the lives of 11,300 U.S. soldiers and resulted in the annexation of lands that became parts of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah and Colorado. The war ended in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

1865 - Decoration Day was first observed in the U.S., with the tradition of decorating soldiers' graves from the Civil War with flowers. The observance date was later moved to May 30th and included American graves from World War I and World War II, and became better known as Memorial Day. In 1971, Congress moved Memorial Day to the last Monday in May, thus creating a three-day holiday weekend.





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A Tribute to First Lady Melania Trump 

This is something the "Fake News" TV channels do not want you to see!!


























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