November 3, 2020 Ballot


Listed below are links to comprehensive lists of the Federal, State, County and Local Canidates, Propositions and Ballot Measures that will be on the November 3rd ballot. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.


Federal and State Canidates
City Council Candidates
School Board Candidates
State Propositions & Local Measures


It seems that in just about every election our ballot contains measures that either add to state taxes or to local taxes or bonds.  When a group recommends against these tax increases they are frequently accused of not caring for their fellow citizens.  Bond measures that include money for fire districts, fire personnel and school districts all appear to have needs that cannot be ignored.  These bonds tug at our heart strings. 

Here is something to consider.  Why are there constant efforts by our elected officials to raise taxes?  What is being done with the income that comes with each new tax?  Could poor management have anything to do with these new charges?  The state budget has a huge surplus.  Nonetheless, there is a very expensive school bond on the state ballot.  Bonds that were voted on just a few years ago to fix schools apparently were not spent for those purposes.  Our state legislators continue to spend money on every conceivable new idea (designating an official dinosaur for CA) but they have not solved the pension problem in the state and local municipalities don’t seem to be doing much about the problem either.  They have not solved the homeless problem.  When does accountability for their decisions start?  If we keep voting more money nothing will change.

State Propositions
Local Ballot Measures











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