President's Message

Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman and President-elect’s Chief of Staff released the  following New Year's message.  I quote: "A very happy New year to all!"  "A new year means new beginnings and new goals and millions of Americans are excited to have 2017 commence with President-elect Trump taking office in just a few weeks.  This year the American people are getting a fresh start after eight years of disappointment, as our next president and a Republican Congress prepare to fight for the prosperity, security and liberty of the American people.  2016 was a banner year for Republicans, and 2017 offers limitless promises for what we can accomplish together on behalf of our country.  I hope all Americans take the beginning of this year to recommit to their core values and embrace new opportunities for themselves and their families."

And now I'm going to discuss some of SRRWF's  changes this coming year.

1. New P.O. Box.  The address is P.O. Box 9544, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.  All  stationery has been redone.

2. The Board voted:  A reservation made is a reservation paid for.   No shows will  be billed. Reservations are called in the Friday before the General meeting.  Provided I know about changes they can be made on Monday morning.  We are billed by the Flamingo according to the count we give them. The Club had been subsidizing the luncheon bill and this is not acceptable. If you attend a luncheon without a reservation, you will pay $30.

3. Because of minimum wage increases the Flamingo has raised our price for lunch.   The board voted to increase the lunch cost to $26.00 and the evening meetings to $36.00.

4. Awards - volunteer hours.  We will be putting the final  touches on the Awards application.  The application has to be submitted by June to the State President.  If  you have any more volunteer hours to add to your totals, please give them to me.  If you have any questions, give me a call.

5. The Membership Renewal letter has been sent and so far over 50% of our members have sent in their renewals.  I encourage our members to sign up your husbands for an Associate Membership.  The cost is $30.00 and that money stays in our treasury. 

6. There are two conferences coming up in the next few weeks.  On January 28 there will be a Northern Division Leadership Forum at the Sacramento Marriott in Rancho Cordova.  If you are fairly new to the Board, please think about attending.  The conferences are very worthwhile and you will learn an amazing amount of excellent information.

7. The Club will  pay your Registration Fee and it  is a one day meeting.

8. On February 3-4, 2017 at the Marriott Rancho Cordova the CFRW Board of Directors/Advocacy Workshop  will be held.  Please give me a call if you are interested in attending.

   Nancy Maier, President




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