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Expose Yourself! Express Yourself!

     Republicans in Sonoma County? We know they’re out there—about 49,000 and counting. That number shocks people. At the GOP Fair booth, we registered at least 30 new Republicans. Each week at the GOP booth at the Rohnert Park farmers market volunteers met many Republicans and registered new ones. In our recent calling campaign we left friendly messages or spoke to Republican women who didn’t know we exist.

     Among the reasons folks are surprised by that 49,000 is that we’re so dang quiet. We keep our heads down; we shy away from civil political conversations; and we’re intimidated by the majority others. We’re afraid to be mocked. We’re nervous our cars will be vandalized. We’re certain our yard signs will be stolen (it happens).

     I am so proud to be a conservative and Republican. I don’t flaunt it, but I don’t shirk from it. We need to come out of the shadows. How will others know we are here? I’m not saying wear your red MAGA hat, but we Republicans are patriotic. We wear American flag lapel pins. We wear patriotic T-shirts, scarves, and sweet little elephant pins. You would be surprised at the excited conversations that are started when another in-the-closet Republican sees any of those fashion statements.

     With the 2020 election coming up, we need to make ourselves more visible. We need another four years from President Trump. Express yourself to others. Write letters to the editor. Be a proud Republican. We must not be weak or meek! Let’s grow the 49,000!

Sandy Metzger, SRRWF President











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