Recall Governor Newsom


Governor Gavin Newsom Has Failed Californians!


  • Are you tired of being locked up, unable to make a living, at the same time as California’s prisons are being emptied and protests are allowed to take place?
  • Did you struggle to run a business, even before this lockdown, because of overregulation and the highest taxes in America?
  • Did you lose your job when Gavin Newsom signed AB 5, which made it illegal for many companies to employ independent contractors?  
  • Are you troubled by the growing encroachments on the 1st Amendment; our right to speak our minds, to freely assemble, to congregate whether it’s at church or on the beach?
  • Are you troubled by encroachments on your 2nd Amendment rights, threatening your ability to purchase a firearm to protect yourself, especially now?  


Then this is your opportunity to recall Govenor Newsom!!!!  


Download the Petition and visit the recall Gavin Newsom Website Today:  


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